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Here you can find the current list of features that need to be completed for the next milestone(s)

Read progress updates on the project News (also available as an RSS Feed).


  • Finish audio support for AVFoundation backend [100% complete]
  • Optimise alpha decoding by skipping YUV->RGB conversion for pixels with zero alpha [100% complete]
  • Fix reported multithreading issues [100% complete]
  • AVFoundation backend: Decide whether to use our YUV conversion instead of AVFoundations solution, do benchmarks on devices. [100% complete]
  • Optimise thread work scheduling, having video priorities and paused videos in mind. [100% complete]
  • Clear the rest of the bug tracker [100% complete]
  • Make msvc2010 and msvc2012 project files [100% complete]
  • Final sanity checks [50% complete]


  • WinRT support (Win8 and WinPhone8) [100% complete]
  • Android support with hardware accelerated backend (probably libstagefright) [Yeah, tried that, not so easy, help needed if anyone has experience?]
  • VideoClip EventListener architecture
  • Dynamic worker thread allocation, up to the specified maximum when initialising video manager.
  • Auto detect max allocated worker threads based on number of available CPU hardware threads (can be overridden by user)
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