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This is the homepage for the Theora Playback Library (libtheoraplayer).

You can use this library to stream any number of Theora video files in your application.

The library has an abstracted audio and video interface so you can use it in any environment you wish (OpenGL, DirectX, SDL, Windows GDI, X11...)

It runs equally good on Windows Mac Linux, iOS, Android etc. The library also supports native platform decoders where applicable for performance reasons, eg. H.264 on iOS and Mac.

Bug reports and features requests are welcome. Please spread the word of this project!

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  • Releases - Get the latest compiled SDK
  • Setup - How to setup the library and compile dependencies
  • Tutorial - A Hello World example
  • Best Practices - Best practices while using the library
  • Codecs - Read about all the codecs this library supports
  • Encoding Videos - How to convert your videos in a format supported by the library
  • API Reference - doxygen generated api documentation
  • Reporting Bugs - They're not bugs, they're features :) But for the fun of it, lets point them out.
  • Licensing - Library licensing guidelines



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  • Cotributors - A bit about the people working on this lib
  • About - Short information about the project
  • Showcase - List of projects using this library
  • How it works - How the library works
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Cateia Games

This is my game development company, follow us to keep up2date with our TheoraPlayer-rich games!

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