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screenshot from the demo

This demo shows how you can use static images, animated static images and video to form high quality composite 2D animated scenes.



The graphics animations have been borrowed with authors permission from the game:

Game: Legend of Crystal Valley

Author: Cateia Games

These graphics ARE NOT ALLOWED to be used in any manner other then for the purpose of this demo program.


Composite Animation

This demo is designed to illustrate how you can create high quality animation without sacrificing image quality or processing time.

Imagine a HD scene on an iPad3 in 2048x1536 resolution. Displaying the whole scene as a video would require a lot of processing power, the video file would be large and image quality would be somewhat degraded due to video compression.

An alternative is to make a composite scene such as the one in the example. Some scene elements can be static such as the background. Some can be animated with texture coord animation such as the clouds in this demo. Some elements can be animated with rotation such as the branch in the upper right corner.

And ofcourse, some elements can be animated with video elements. In this demo you can see the water animated as a 16-frame video rendered with this library and a translucent video of the main character rendered in a video animation loop.

The main character texture has been constructed to have an alpha channel in the same way as in the Sprite Animation demo.

The overall effect is that the scene looks great, has no noticable video artifacts, takes a lot less CPU power and uses very little disk space.


  • This demo doesn't have any controls.


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