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This project is led by Krešimir Špes. Over the course of the years there have been many contributors, most notable of which are below:


Krešimir Špes

Contributors kreso.jpg

Krešimir is the CTO and co-owner of Cateia Games, a veteran game development studio based in Croatia, Europe. He took the project over from phillip in 2008 and implemented many features and optimisations (Read more on the About page). He continues to lead the project and implements most of the new features.

Boris Mikić

Contributors boris.jpg

Boris is a senior programmer in Cateia Games and works on multi platform support for this library.

Phil Castaneda

Contributors phil.jpg

Phil was the original author of the Ogre3D video plugin on which this library is based upon. More info on the About page.

Adrian Djura

Contributors adrian.jpg

Adrian is the lead programmer in Eipix entertainment, a casual game development studio located in Novi Sad, Serbia. He helps arround with an ocasional patch and feature and is responsible for the largest number of projects in the Showcase page :)

Aleksa Todorović

Contributors aleksa.jpg

Aleksa is a lead programmer at Mad Head Games, located in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia. He helped a lot with porting Theora's ARM assembly optimization to iOS.

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